Hello! Welcome everyone to the world of sunny dance

My name is Valeriya Steph, but you can just call me Lera. I can teach you Reggaeton and Dancehall, do you feel the heat yet?

On my site you will encounter different types of lessons, although the majority is available only in Russian:

  • An online course in Spanish/Russian (3 lessons introducing the basics and 7 lessons consisting of learning my choreographies, step by step)
  • Tutorials (only available in Russian, but I'm sure you'll understand everything because I teach it very slowly and meticulously)
  • Individual lessons in Spanish/Russian

Anything from points 1 and 2 above will always be available to you if you purchase it 😍

Why MY classes?

Before becoming a dance teacher and before creating online courses, I had a long journey in my development as a dancer which started around 2007-2008. My immersion into the dancing world began with styles such as Hip Hop, Locking, House, C-Walk and Krumping.

In 2012 I came to know Dancehall and immediately fell in love with this culture. Since then, I have been to and continue going to many workshops hosted by dancers from Russia and from abroad, including Jamaicans; for example DHQ Shisha, Jiff di Bossman, Orville Xpressionz, DHQ Sasha Pirogova, Shelly Xpressionz, Nicky Trice Riffical, Stacy Xpressionz, Kim Weezy, DHQ Inga Blackton, DHQ Muchacha, Katya Babaragga, DHK Amad, MelPo, additionally I took private individual classes hosted by the likes of DHK Claudio Black Eagles and Global Bob.

My knowledge of Reggaeton began alongside first discovering the music style in 2015 and by 2016, I had already started dancing to its music what I knew at that time - and I immediately decided that it was time to learn the fundamentals and technicalities of the Reggaeton dance style as well. I learned through videos and I also attended many workshops from the likes of Yo Yo Flow, Yopi Quintero, Diana Rodríguez, Julio Nápoles, Annelys, Ekaterina Krasnikova, Anna Bedenyuk, Lesssi and I took private lessons from Diana Rodrigues and Berany Rigondeaux.

I am a Dancehall dance teacher since 2017 and a Reggaeton dance teacher since 2018. My dance videos have grabbed the attention of many famous people, many of which have reposted my videos on their Instagram profile, for example Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Maluma, Sean Paul, Wisin, Sebastian Yatra, J Quiles, Geegun (a famous Russian singer), Anitta and others.

In my course I teach very clearly and meticulously the base along with basic and helpful techniques from both styles so that even though learned online, you will understand the essence of the dance styles and learn how to execute them correctly. I explain all the steps and moves in detail and reveal my secrets and as such, my teachings are invariably appropriate for both beginners and experienced dancers alike. Beginners will feel at ease with my detailed explanation, while the experienced, amongst other things, can learn various choreographies of mine - and I’m certain that they will definitively learn new things along the way!

Dancehall & Reggaeton

Dancehall is a culture in itself which includes music, dance, society and attitude. It is an urban Jamaican dance genre that is comprised of many styles of which you can learn in my course.
Reggaeton is a Latin American style that grew out of Panama and Puerto Rico and was influenced by other styles such as reggae, dancehall, hip hop and other latin american rhythms. Its base is twerking and you'll also learn this in my course.

Energetic & daring

Today Dancehall and Reggaeton are some of the most popular dance styles in the world.
Energetic, daring, rhythmic, graceful, feminine and sensual - that is how the individual steps from both styles could be described.

Reviews from my students

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